We’ve been in BYRON House for nearly a year now and it’s been great! Last Spring was a whirlwind of moving and painting. This spring we’re enjoying a different pace, even though Corinne is gearing up to paint again. So wonderful to see things that we planted start popping up – both in the ground and in the spirit!

Tom still works at Trader Joe’s where he’s building bridges with co-workers and customers. He is excited to build the foundations of BYRON, invest in people and preach on a regular basis. He even gets to golf once in a while.

Cori is developing Refuge & Reboot, TRIAD and some good stuff for women (and men). As mom, she’s helping Lee learn to read, driving to running club, going on field trips and all the other great stuff! And, of course, still gardening!

Trixi is 9 and has added a girls running club to her other activities and is training for a 5k in June! She thinks that maybe she really might be able to shape shift when she gets to heaven. She wants to get baptized this summer. Favorite animal: all of them, but maybe a unicorn!

Lilli is 8, going on 18. She is practicing splits and hopes to be able to do them well by September when she hopes to get into a really good dance school. Looking for theater camps for her! Also wants to get baptized this summer. Favorite expression: “Whatever!”

Lee is 5 and can finally say his “sh’s” and has some amazing dance moves. He also helps Dad with the trash and recycling on Mondays! Still drumming. Current favorite super hero” Flash.

We continue to enjoy visits from old and new friends and we look forward to our family trip to Switzerland this summer! It will be the first time that we go back all together, and we are SO ready.

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