Last Summer was our first trip back to Switzerland as a family! It was such a wonderful time and a little hard to come home but it was refreshing to see family and friends, swim in the lakes, eat Migros Burrebrot, Gipfeli, etc etc etc. What an amazing time.

Tom went to Israel for the first time with his long-time friend, David. After trying to juggle a full-time job at Trader Joe’s, Property Management & Maintenance and pioneering different aspects of BYRON as a Fellowship and Ministry, he developed some health issues, which is the result of constantly trying to do too much at once. It was a wake-up call that he needed in order to make some drastic changes in his lifestyle and to build a healthy daily routine. He is excited to see his new plans unfold and feels much better and at peace; to sum it up: less is more!

Cori started Legacy Creative Events and has started booking weddings, directed Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart (boys school) and has just become part of their faculty to pioneer a Theater Arts program for the Middle School.

Trixi had a rough year in 4th grade. Socially and academically she was challenged as well as in dance class – she took Contemporary because it was less “princessey”. She was in the hospital with pneumonia before Christmas and over Christmas had a broken foot. She missed lots of dance rehearsals and was petrified of messing up. BUT she pulled it together and even said she’d like to continue! We are making extra efforts with play dates so she can foster closer friendships. Her confidence is returning. She’s a cool kid.

Lilli just finished 3rd grade and will be leaving the lower elementary school for the upper. She feels a bit sad about that. She’ll be a small fish in a very big pond which is not cool for her. Performed in the dance recital with her ballet class – she has the best posture and arms of them all. Would like more challenge and feels annoyed that she has to learn the boring basics. Lilli finished strong and is happy to have more time with friends this Summer. She took over the baking of Leeland’s birthday cakes and lead many of the games. She’s a natural leader and is now learning how to be a good host. Maybe she’ll partner with me for Legacy?

Lee just had his belated 6th birthday party – about 13 boys and 2 girls for a Bey-blade party. Best. Party. Ever. He was inviting new friends even up to the night before! Mr. Social strikes again. He performed in the dance recital with his Hip Hop class and showed, for the first time, that he actually knew all the moves. Finally started losing teeth and one had a root so long we had to get it pulled! Looked like a shark tooth – about the coolest thing for a 6yr old! He will be attending Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart next year.

We are so grateful for Mom, “Grandma” Margaret. She is a constant support and help to us as a family. The kids each have an afternoon with Grandma, which they guard jealously, and its been great to have Mom just a short walk away. She still ministers weekly at the local rehabilitation center, has a busy schedule, but still has time for us.

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