Onward and upward! Some things in kid-dom stay the same but this year, for Leeland, hip hop classes are now added to skateboarding and drumming. Trixi’s add on is Contemporary Dance and math tutoring as well as archery in the Fall. Lilli left Girl Scouts for Ballet and is checking out what sort of extra creative class she’d like to do this winter. They each have a couple of really good friends for which we are grateful.

Tom and I are well and leaning into the challenges of the new season – learning more business stuff, developing what we have and making time to enjoy together at home and on the road.

3 thoughts on “SEKINGERS…

  1. BBB

    Miss you two and all the kidos! Life looks good on you. All of His blessings ARE coming forth. Keep your eyes on the promises! Love and Hugs to all – Billie B.

    1. Thomas Sekinger Post author

      Miss you as well and hope you can make it out to the Barn sometimes. We would love to have you here and spend some time with you…

  2. Tiffany Adeimy

    Amazing journey you guys are on & totally up for it. Trusting God!!! So proud!
    I have a friend Lindsay Kocis going to Switzerland to Lucerne. Do you know anyone there in that area. She is traveling alone and needing connection & needing connection with Godley people there!


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