Projects – We are actually moving forward with some building plans now! For 5 years we’ve been laying a foundation with great stuff happening. Now, it’s time to build on that foundation. A few of us broke the ground up and now it’s time to build on the prepared land. We see God pulling pieces together, so we are ready to take some steps of Faith as well. We are getting together details for the first Tiny House, a She-Shack, a Covered Deck at the back of the Barn, putting a shower into the Barn and running gas pipes to the BYRON kitchen for a new large stove/oven! We will be turning the former nursery school rooms into creative spaces, and lovely areas to enhance what we can offer as Legacy Creative Events. We also need to update the BYRON House Kitchen. We host so many things in our house as well as the Barn and a kitchen overhaul is overdue! We are also wanting to make a great living space in the BYRON House cellar so that interns or other guests can be fully independent with a kitchenette and bathroom and better windows. For these projects we have a small Team of the BYRON Family in place who are well versed in money, research and fund raising so that we can approach the different items well and in the right time. We will reconvene next month with more details so that we can make a clear plan, budget and time line going. We are having specific Fundraiser and we hope you’ll consider partnering with us as we get this place in order so that we can do what we’ve been doing – except better!

Partnership – We are asking God to bring in all those who should be with us as we enter into the building season! The Pioneers, Entrepreneurs, Creatives, the Worshipers, those who are ready to step into another aspect of church… 4 years ago we received a prophecy that BYRON would a place for David’s Mighty Men. When you look at who those people were, it’s pretty funny! The Bible says that 400 men gathered unto David that were distressed, in debt and discontented; and David became their leader. They were trained and transformed into comprehensive men of God who sharpened each other rather than competing against each other. Under David, they learned how to walk in relationship, worship, and to become men of purpose. When they finally exited the Cave of Adullam, they were referred to as “David’s Mighty Men of Valor” and together they fought to establish and stabilize Israel. That is what we want to see happen with the women, men and kids at BYRON! We are here to minister first to the Lord and then to serve people and His purpose as far as he allows our reach to be. If you’d like to join us by investing in the lives of those who come to BYRON, please consider praying for us and also contributing with a Financial Donation to the next BYRON Projects. As we get the details together, we will be looking for individual and corporate sponsors to match donations, donors, etc. If you’d like to partner with us as we move forward, you can do so in different ways…

  • Monthly, which helps us to pay for the needed repairs to large items like heating and plumbing issues that need Upgrades after 30 years
  • A one-time gift toward a particular project
  • Become a Sponsor who will match the combined donations of a larger group of people

Prayer – Please pray for us!  We need:

  • Administration/Book Keeper – We need a volunteer who can help us pay the BYRON bills and do our general monthly book-keeping, just to keep things up to date so that it’s easy to pull together at tax season. Tom and I are barely keeping up with the admin and it takes a lot of our time and energy – especially Tom! We’d like to be able to have more energy and wiggle room to focus on the building season, the arts, pastoral aspects and developing the Internship.
  • Kids Pastor – We need someone who is passionate about kid’s ministry! We have a growing number of kids and we want them to grow in God the same way we are. We are praying for someone who fits in with our quirky bunch and really wants to run with this and take BYRON Kids to the next level!
  • Builders/Volunteers – We are in need of people with building experience who could come at set times for set projects as part of a team. Also, a Project Manager for each project (She Shack, Covered Deck, Shower, Tiny House, BYRON Kitchen).
  • Byron Project Finances

We thank God for you and for His faithfulness to our family and yours,
The Sekinger’s and the BYRON Team


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