We in the BYRON Core are all leaning into the “next phase” with different “roles and goals” to be realized – A second Home Group, Kids ministry developing, Seminar ideas, growing in the expressions of God’s Spirit… God is leading us and our team on a deeper journey in relation to generational blessing and inheritance. There’s just so much to unpack in that. We are learning to think and process generationally and pray with chutzpah! We love our team – we are leaders of leaders – and we are so blessed to journey with them.  

We still rent out the Barn for It Takes A Village nursery school and Trixi’s Girl Scout troop. Aside from our regulars we have birthday parties here and there, a writing club coming in, Pilates… we want to see the Barn be a place of LIFE!

Last year we had a deficit for the first time, due to renovations and much needed improvements on the property. In the Barn, we had to work on the air conditioning unit and pluming for heat due to AGE as well as carpet and old stage removal in the Great Room totaling $5,850. In BYRON House, we had to have leaky plumbing fixed, replace several old and dangerous windows as well as paint, rip up carpet and re-do a floor totaling $7,525. We are consistently paying off these projects through donations that come in. Your partnership plays a huge role in these projects and we can’t thank you enough for linking hearts with us as we reach into the territory God’s given us! We also have to say, that God has never left us in the lurch! Even as things have been tight, or came really really close to deadlines, there has always been provision. So, thanks again to you, and to our GOOD Father!

We are setting our sights on the near future! Aside from the shower in the Barn, we want to build the first Tiny House (for Refuge & Reboot) and re-paint the Great Room so that we are up to par as we host Gatherings and Events. We need to raise $24,500 for adding a shower to help our many guests ($3,500), painting the Great Room ($1,000) and building a Tiny House to accommodate guests ($20,000)! Part of this Spring is about honing our Fundraising plans, as well as applying for grants that could fund some of our projects.

We are investing in the things where natural growth is happening first, and where we are seeing a clear part of our DNA rising to the surface! We’ve had a string of Interns come, as well as two Refuge & Reboot guests and we love that! We are so blessed to see people step into the next phase of their destiny in strength and wholeness. Here is testimony from our most recent Refuge & Reboot guest Phoebe Quaynor.

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