The Next Project – As the year closes, we are making plans for the NEXT YEARS PROJECTS. A big one, and one that we need to get a move on with is overhauling our cellar. We have had the joy and privilege of having interns and guests with us on a regular basis. The Manger in the barn, and our cellar have worked till now but in order to continue welcoming these wonderful folks we need to re-work the accommodations. Practically this will mean redoing walls, dealing with leaks in the old stone foundation and putting in a small bathroom and kitchenette in the cellar so that our interns or guests can be fully independent while they stay with us. Having an open home has been amazing and we’ve loved sharing our home and family with so many beautiful people. We are also challenged to bring it to the next level!

We are also making some small but needed INVESTMENTS into the Barn with a paint job in the Great Room and fixing some plumbing in an upstairs bathroom. We are actively planning on renting out the Barn more often for special parties like wedding receptions, etc. and are looking forward to welcoming more people onto BYRON land! We love it here and know others will too. Our goal is to grow more finances so that we can re-sow it back into the things we are called to do each season as a ministry. The parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30 and Luke 19:12-28) has come to mind so often in the last months and we are ready to be the servant who took what was given to him and make more out of it to honor the Master.

Partnering – If you’d like to join us by investing in the lives of those who come to BYRON, please consider praying for us and also contributing with a FINANCIAL DONATION to the next years’ renovations. We thank God for you and for His faithfulness to our family and yours.

Glad tidings,
The Sekinger’s and the BYRON Team

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