Spring came late here in NJ, after a very cold and long winter, but the flowers are blooming, the windows are open, and it’s time to mow the lawn! At the beginning of the year we felt cold and tired. We needed breakthrough, clarity, unity, rest, and strategy. Sitting in a café, Tom and I brought everything to the table and I set out little fleece without telling him. The next day, Father so kindly addressed my question and confirmed what I had been asking about. But it was a “Yes, you’re on the right track” not a “Yes, I’m dropping it in your lap.” Father did give us a couple of components to follow leading into spring.

February was a BYRON Team fasting month. Aside from the food angle, we took time to get away from social media, TV and other distractions so we could lean into God, worship and really rest. It was SO worth it!

March brought a shift in prayer. After praying and investing mostly in the land there has been a new grace to partner with Holy Spirit and pray in a harvest to add to God’s family. Also in March, our previous Sunday-morning-renters moved to another facility. While we knew this was the right thing we also knew it would require another level of faith where finances are concerned. This sparked another question for us: “Should we do a “worship/word/feast” sort of thing on a Sunday? Like “church”? Tom was feeling it was time to step into that and the Core agreed so we now have bi-weekly Sunday Gatherings!

April has been a time of digging in deeper. Aside from Easter Sunday, we also began Evensong & Feast. This evening continues to be a favorite at BYRON and each time we are amazed at who God brings. The Gent Events are also a hit at the barn! Each time there is a fascinating mix of guys who come to be with each other, and so cool to see hearts opening to God’s Spirit. In general, Thursday nights are always full with Home Group, Core, or Evensong & Feast. Our kids love knowing that Home Group is happening even if they have to go to bed.

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  1. Leina Ammann

    This is all so exciting to hear! As you wait upon the Lord to hear his voice and he confirms his word!
    The harvest is ripe, but, laborer’s are few! Pray to the Lord of The Harvest!


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