Gradual activation of my spiritual senses through community…

When I think of Retreats, driving miles away is what immediately comes to mind. However right here nestled in the heart of town, is BYRON where for a weekend I was still in town but “away” on retreat; “resting in motion” as Julia Cameron (The Artist’s Way) calls it.

Apart from the warm beauty of physical space that immediately had a soothing effect on my nerves, it was the brief prayer which Corinne shared with me on the night I arrived that gave “my sled a shove in the right direction”. That prayer confirmed and gave spiritual definition to the two and half days I spent in The Barn. There was another opportunity for prophetic interaction with Corinne which brought more vocational clarity and activation. It was not merely a time of retreating from daily routine for the purpose of rest. It was being reset into Christ’s desire. I needed help to do that and I got it.

The hospitality of the Sekinger’s family life poured love in and facilitated reconnection into parts of my soul which need healing. In the time I have spent at BYRON (before and during my retreat) I know this one thing. That they comfortably wield hospitality and creativity as instruments of healing and reconnection to God. My overall experience is the gradual activation of my spiritual senses through community, the community in the Barn.

2018.04 – Phoebe Quaynor

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