We can’t thank you enough for your partnership with BYRON and for linking hearts with us as we reach into the territory God’s given us! Your prayers and financial gifts are helping us to fulfill the vision and mission that God gave us. All contributions are tax deductible in the USA.


We are moving forward with some building plans now! For 5 years we’ve been laying a foundation with great stuff happening. Now, it’s time to build on that foundation. Our goal is to grow more finances so that we can re-sow it back into the things we are called to do each season as a ministry. We need to raise finances for

  • Shower - Adding a shower in the Barn to help our many guests ($5'000)
  • Covered Deck - The back of the Barn is a trouble point for us because water runs toward the doors and floods in. A Covered Deck could send the water just far enough away so that it begins to flow the other way (waiting for QUOTES)
  • Kitchen - Running gas pipes to the BYRON kitchen for a new large stove/oven (waiting for QUOTES)
  • Cellar - Overhauling our cellar (redoing walls, dealing with leaks in the old stone foundation and putting in a small bathroom and kitchenette), so that our interns or guests can be fully independent while they stay with us (waiting for QUOTES)
  • Tiny House - Building a Tiny House to accommodate guests for Refuge & Reboot ($20'000)!
  • She-Shack - We are actively planning on renting out the Barn more often for special parties like wedding receptions, a She-Shack will be a great addition for those events (waiting for QUOTES)



If you’d like to join us by investing in the lives of those who come to BYRON, please consider praying for us and also contributing with a Financial Donation to the next BYRON Projects. As we get the details together, we will be looking for individual and corporate sponsors to match donations, donors, etc.  If you’d like to partner with us as we move forward, you can do so in different ways…

  • Monthly, which helps us to pay for the needed repairs to large items like heating and plumbing issues that need Upgrades after 30 years
  • A one-time gift toward a particular project
  • Become a Sponsor who will match the combined donations of a larger group of people



Make cheques payable to BYRON


PostFinance, Thomas Sekinger, IBAN CH64 0900 0000 3183 9101 8