English vlog 42/2018 – “My Backpack”!

One thought on “English vlog 42/2018 – “My Backpack”!

  1. Thomas Sekinger Post author

    In 95 I received a phone call and was asked together with a friend from our old band to collaborate a few songs for a jazz/hip-hop project. They had the music, we contributed the lyrics and after the project was done, we soon joined STREET NOIZ FACTORY. Here is a song that folks loved when we performed live in various clubs in Switzerland (https://soundcloud.com/user-873836754/my-backpack).

    Now our friends Pat & Romana still love that song…and it can happen that we spontaneously break out in a session when we see each other…like it happened here while in Switzerland. Personally, I still think this songs should have been a hit:-)!


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