English vlog 31/2017 – “Keeping the Barn safe”!

2 thoughts on “English vlog 31/2017 – “Keeping the Barn safe”!

  1. Thomas Sekinger Post author

    Instead of an early night sleep, Corinne woke me up to get our looooooong ladder from behind the shed around 10:30PM because yours truly had to climb up to the top of the barn (probably 30 feet) to replace a faulty fire detector. The guy who came out to do it could not do it, because….wait for it, wait for it…he was too heavy for the ladder. Well, I am always game for an adventure and to do some manly men work…I had my fill that day, but guess what? The new detector works like a charm!

  2. Stefan

    your prayers must have been on fire… hehehe – that’s what happens when do pray with God’s fire – even the natural realm is able to “detect” things (e.g. smoke detectors…)
    feet on the ground, hearts up in heaven – that’s how you want to live – keep going!


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