English vlog 27/2018 – “‘Merican IPA”!

One thought on “English vlog 27/2018 – “‘Merican IPA”!

  1. Thomas Sekinger Post author

    ‘Merican IPA made by an Irish and a Swiss after seeing the Sweden-Germany football game. It does not get better than that!
    It all started out most beautiful…Sweden scored and was leading 1:0 and it looked that the defending world champion would not even make it to the next round…but this is Germany we’re talking about. They did not only score once, but twice and the second time around in the last minute…very impressive. Time to finish up that beer…too bad it will take 4-6 weeks until we can enjoy it (I guess next time we should start a bit sooner, so we can enjoy the beer while watching the game:-)!


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