English vlog 20/2017 – “Another job for the manly men”

One thought on “English vlog 20/2017 – “Another job for the manly men”

  1. Thomas Sekinger Post author

    Moving is fun…riiiiiight. Well, lets say there are fun moments or even funny moments. One of those moments I shared with my good friend Rob. We not only moved “I don’t know how many pieces of furniture”, but also the washer and dryer. And yes we checked if there was still water in the washer. Little did we know once we made our way down the stairs, that if you tilt that thing…well, you get the picture. Rob got wet, I laughed, he laughed and in all the laughing he kind of got buried under the washer and all I could see of him were his feet (like the wicked witch of the west), which lead to more laughing. Once recovered we tried to move further down the stairs when the lit of the washer got loose and hit my head…at this point we were rolling! Long story short, we got the washer and dryer down the stairs and no one got insured!


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