English vlog 04/2018 – “YWAM Circuit Riders in the house”!

One thought on “English vlog 04/2018 – “YWAM Circuit Riders in the house”!

  1. Thomas Sekinger Post author

    Man, what a blessing it has been to have about 26 Circuit Riders from YWAM staying with us at the barn an in our house for this week. They needed a place to crash because they did outreach on the Princeton and Rutgers campus and since we have many friends who were and still are a part of YWAM it was a nobrainer and we welcomed them with open arms, open hearts and an open house. Last night we were able to have a feast with them, worship and pray together with them in our living room and bless them…let me tell you we got blessed the most. So proud of those guys, what they do and who they are. You are welcome and have a place here anytime you want to come back!


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