We can’t thank you enough for your partnership with BYRON and for linking hearts with us as we reach into the territory God’s given us! Your prayers and financial gifts are helping us to fulfill the vision and mission that God gave us. All contributions are tax deductible in the USA.


Starting now, we are beginning a season of fund raising and building! When we took over the Barn and house 7 years ago, there were already structural issues that needed addressing. We are honored to steward this house and Barn into another 100 years!  Here’s the low down:

  • BARN Roof - In the Barn, there were some minor leaks in the roof in different areas.  However, in the last year, we have had crazy weather! 5 tornadoes have gone overhead, landing within 3-15 miles from the Barn. This sped up the roof project! We are looking at a tin roof that will last longer than shingles.
  • BARN Shower/Washer/Dryer - We also need to install a shower and washer/dryer in the Barn. This will be useful for the business as well as for guests who come to stay, like YWAM teams or others.
  • BARN HVAC - Our Heating and Air-conditioning is giving up the ghost! It’s worked well for 30 years and now, it is time.
  • BARN Sheds - We need a new equipment shed! The equipment shed is being held up by angels and ground hogs who don’t want to loose their covering. We need a second shed to store larger items used for our gatherings that are just too big to store inside the Barn. We’re talking about extra chairs, stage elements, sometimes sofas, garden decoration, etc. These things need to be moved around and adjusted depending on the needs of each gathering at the Barn.
  • HOUSE Kitchen - The house is old and beautiful, and also needs work. In general, the whole kitchen needs to be ripped out and re-done. The electric and walls are criminal, and the layout of the kitchen is miserable. When we moved in, one of the burners on the stove was already broken and the range was cracked. Soon another stopped working. It Is amazing how much we cook and have gotten by with only two burners, but, again, it’s time.
  • HOUSE Entry/Mud Room - Attached to the kitchen is our entry. It is a 3-season room that’s freezing in the winter, overbearingly hot in the summer and the roof leaks when it rains. It is time. The plan is to knock down the entry room, and re-make it from scratch, opening it up more to the kitchen and adding on a larger mud room to house our washer/dryer, coats, shoes, sports equipment.
  • HOUSE Porch - The porch on the house is rotting out between the ceiling and roof due to the particular style of drains that were put in in the 1960’s. The flooring of the porch is sagging. It is time.
  • HOUSE Windows - We seriously need to replace windows that are both drafty and dangerous because they are very difficult to open and then properly close again.


If you feel called to give financially into the growth of BYRON, we would be honored to have you in the family of supporters. If you have skills that you would like to bring in as building projects happen, please reach out so that we can plan accordingly! If you want to join us in other ways, contact us and let’s talk! It is time.

From estimates that builders have given, we are looking at $300,000.00 for the entire project.  

Oddly, this does not look impossible. Gospel Fellowship Church was able to buy this wonderful property in the 1980’s. There was so much provision and creativity that went into paying off the mortgage! And now, breaking it down, by thousands, it actually doesn’t seem like a massive sum. If 100 people gave $1,000.00, 5 people gave $5,000.00 … and so on and so forth.

We invite you to partner with us as we invest in this Community Center, full of creativity, beauty, restoration, joy!

  • Monthly, which helps us to pay for the needed repairs to large items like Heating and Air-conditioning issues that need Upgrades after 30 years
  • A one-time gift toward a particular project
  • Become a Sponsor who will match the combined donations of a larger group of people



Make cheques payable to BYRON at Gospel Fellowship


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