Current situation with COVID 19

As we survey the current situation with COVID 19 worldwide, and in accordance with recommendations from the state departments TDC/WWPDC, we are taking measures to protect our community and their family members during this uncertain time. It is with a cautious but hopeful aspect that we will close the BYRON Barn to all non-essential work until April 21st, at which time we will have evaluated the current necessity of action to keep in place in those further weeks. With social distancing in place all events, meetings, lessons, workshops will be postponed until we have state recommendations that it is safe to reconvene.

Board meetings and other such meetings that are still necessary to our well-being as a community and as a corporation will take place via remote chat options that are being put into place. All meetings, lessons and workshops that require person to person/same space learning are postponed. Please contact all persons, partners and clients that this will pertain to.

We will be mindful and forward thinking in our communications as we are aware that the BYRON Barn community is widespread. The BYRON co-working community is here for each other to support, encourage and uphold and we need each other in these times. We will be in touch with all our co-workers individually and please know that you will all be in our hearts and in our prayers in these next weeks.

We wish you peace in the storm,

Thomas and Corinne Sekinger
Founders of BYRON

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