We are so pleased to say that between Interns and others who want to come stay at the barn for Refuge & Reboot, we need to expand one of the downstairs bathrooms and put in a shower. At this point, anyone staying in the Manger (our cozy room in the barn) has to shower at our house. We are thrilled that more and more people want to come to BYRON for Refuge & Reboot, so we need to get moving.

Last month a new friend of the family “preached” at us from across the dining room table about how we need to get the word out about BYRON because “it’s just the kind of thing people want!” This is a guy who hasn’t been to church in years, with some tough years behind him, and he’s more excited than anybody! Needless to say, it is spurring our prayers and our invitations. People are hungry for encounters with God’s Spirit, even when they don’t know what to call it. As they stick around, they’re finding out.

On June 3, we will host Author/Illustrator Vesper Stamper! We got to know Vesper through The Breath and the Clay, and she has become a friend here in the North East. We’re looking forward to a special evening with her as she talks about her new novel What the Night Sings, her journey researching, the implications of the themes in our own society.

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