Who We Are

We are a community who have a pioneering heart, a passion for Jesus, and a commitment to live for something bigger than ourselves.

Mobilizer, Energizer, Servant, Poet, Investor, Pastor, Mover, Producer, Innovator, Creator, Risk Taker, Mountain Shaker, Builder, Dreamer, Man of Prayer, Giant Slayer, Student of History, Visionary, Friend, Manly Men.
This is me - unfiltered, unique, raw, real, transparent, true, vulnerable, valuable.
Tom Sekinger, Founder of BYRON

Beloved of God, Wife, Mamma of 3, Sister, Daughter, Dogged Pursuer of Clarity, Creator of Spaces that Make You Feel ‘Well,’ Visionary, Root Finder, Lover of Parties, Friend, Opera Singer, Gardener, Lover of Presence, Musical Performer, Actor, Director, Foodie, Script Writer, Seer of Possibilities, Lover of 80’s Alternative Music.
Cori Sekinger, Founder of BYRON