BYRON Fellowship


BYRON’s bi-weekly Sunday service for young and old, with pot-luck brunch. Worship, deepening spiritual life, sharing a meal. Three wonderful ways to celebrate faith and life! 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.


Evensong is a time of prayer, worship and reconnecting to God’s Spirit. It’s a leaving behind of the of the day and consciously aligning with truth as we transition to evening. Feast is a time to gather around the table and celebrate life. We come together and take time for good food, to look each other in the eye, to listen, to laugh and for a blessing. 1st Thursday of each month.


Relationship is at the core of God’s heart. Bi-weekly Home Groups provide a welcoming and safe environment for worship and challenging personal growth. 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month.


Meet around the fire pit with others who are man enough to share the good, the bad and the ugly things of life! 3rd Tuesday of each month.





Part of our mission as a ministry is to invest in timely, strategic themes for the church and culture at large. We want to see people equipped with the Life of God and confident in the path that He lays out before them so that they can fulfil their destiny in whatever sphere they are in. 


TRIAD's focus is to: *Explore the dynamics of truth, goodness and beauty in the context of faith, art and culture. *Foster community while encouraging the “original sound” in each person. *Host seasonal gatherings to develop skill, encourage a broadening of ideas, and promote creativity from a place of wholeness.


Refuge & Reboot is designed for individuals and small groups to facilitate creativity, vision and dialogue with the Lord. You may need space to write your first book, set aside time to pray out of your normal routine, write a song, have a vision day with your team, or just spend a day dialoguing with Holy Spirit. Your time in the barn might be a short visit or an extended stay! You can also order a delicious and healthy home cooked meal and sign up for coaching or prayer ministry, depending on the goal of your time with us. Costs vary depending on your type and length of stay.


The Internship is designed to see people deepen their faith, experience the joys of family, grow in personal freedom, and solidify their identity in Christ. At BYRON, merging the spiritual and the practical are part of how we tick. Therefore, we are giving young people the opportunity to work practically with us and experience Jesus in everyday life (Romans 12:1-2), while being mentored and encouraged to grab hold of their lives and give God everything that they’ve got!